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Search engine optimization admin February 23, 2023

SEO has become an influential part of our lives and business marketing strategy. So long as your business sells products or provides solutions that people ask the search engines, you stand a high chance of getting the best ROI. Good SEO tactics can improve your industry more than paid advertising because it’s organic.

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It’s improving your site by involving technical and content relevance and linking practices to enable its pages to be easily found, crawled, and indexed and to become valuable and relevant to SERP and rank higher. Regardless of your website size, our SEO tactics will work because SEO is about assisting search engines in understanding and presenting quality content.

Do you Need an SEO Expert?

Our company has SEO experts and consultants to help you enhance your visibility on search engines. We ensure to help audit your pages and give you the guidance you require to get your site optimized.

Our SEO strategy recommends that the best time to engage in SEO is when you plan to launch a new site and start straight away with a search engine-friendly site. Also, our SEO experts can redesign an existing website and take your business to the next level.

We offer the following SEO services:

  • Review the structure and website content
  • Technical advice
  • SEO Keyword research
  • Advice on specific markets and geography
  • SEO training
  • Developing SEO-optimized content

Types of SEO

Search engines consider the following SEO strategy and aspects for your site to rank better. Moreso, it’s crucial to understand the workings of Google because it’s the dominant search engine, with about 92% of the Global Search Engine Market.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is achieved by incorporating keywords into your content and consistently producing quality SEO content. Also, ensure your HTML tags contain your keyword. Here’s how we conduct On Page optimization:

  • SEO keyword research
  • Targeting your keywords in your content
  • Strategic Keyword placement
  • Title optimization
  • Optimization of meta description
  • Including and Optimizing Images
  • Internal and external linking

Off-Page SEO

It might be challenging to earn backlinks to your site for SEO, but we ensure you create content that provides solutions, get people to share, and establish a reputation out there. Take a look at what we do in our Off Page SEO optimization:

  • Earning and inviting backlinks
  • Sharing content to social media
  • Building your company reputation

Technical SEO

Our SEO experts execute technical optimization on the back end of your site to ensure that Google crawlers get it among the billions of pages. We make the user experience easy and enable Google to perform its functions by carrying out the following technical SEO optimization activities:

  • Security
  • Page speed
  • Mobile-friendly test/ Mobile first
  • URL structure
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Site architecture
  • Indexability
  • Schema markup

SEO optimization only yields results after a while, so you should be patient. It may take a few months to start noticing the SEO marketing results, but once they come, the traffic growth keeps rising if you focus on quality.

Contact Smart Newtech Solutions at or call (786) 659-9047 to get guidance in SEO tactics to help understand your website users’ needs and how to use that knowledge in capturing those with commercial intent by providing solutions and products.

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